Posted On: Aug 4, 2016

Amazon GameLift is a fully managed service that makes it simple and cost-effective to deploy, operate, and scale session-based multi-player game servers in the cloud. GameLift has added two new features and made several improvements to the service. Game developers can now use the new game session search & sort feature to populate session browsers with active game sessions that better match player preferences. Developers building game servers can now implement custom health checks for game server processes and report health status, which GameLift uses to track and maintain overall health for a fleet. In addition, with the release of the new Server SDK, GameLift now fully supports the ability to run multiple server processes concurrently on each instance in a fleet, giving you greater control over how efficiently you use GameLift resources and potentially reducing overall costs for hosting your game.

These updates are included in the latest version of the Amazon Lumberyard game engine. Now you can also download the GameLift SDKs independently:

To learn more about GameLift health metrics and other changes to the console and service API, visit: