Posted On: Nov 30, 2016

In May, we officially launched the AWS IoT Button and were overwhelmed by the support the button received from the developer community. We listened to your suggestions and are pleased to announce an improved developer experience for the AWS IoT Button.

Starting today, you can configure your AWS IoT Button with a new mobile app for iOS and Android. The mobile app simplifies the process of registering, configuring, and programming the button. Using preconfigured AWS Lambda blueprints, the app lets you quickly program the button to send an SMS or email when clicked. Or, you can write your own Lambda code for the functionality of your choice.

In addition, we’ve designed a new version of the AWS IoT Button with twice the battery life. It can be pre-ordered today on If you don’t want to wait, the original AWS IoT Button is still available and we will give you $20 dollars in AWS credits per AWS account.

To learn more about the AWS IoT Button, visit the product pages.