Posted On: Nov 1, 2016

Today, AWS Marketplace, which offers more than 2,700 software listings from more than 925 independent software vendors, announced Product Support Connection (PSC), a new program that lets AWS Marketplace customers share contact details with software vendors through the AWS Marketplace web site to access and receive timely, more seamless product support. For products that support PSC, AWS Marketplace customers can choose to share contact details such as name, telephone number, organization, and email address with the vendor during or after a product subscription.  

AWS Marketplace is launching this new feature with 9 vendors who provided feedback on the design of this program and integrated early. We want to thank Barracuda, Chef, Matillion, Rogue Wave, SoftNAS, Sophos, zData, Zend, and Zoomdata for their pioneering commitment to providing high-quality product support. Please visit the AWS Marketplace Search Page to see a full list of vendors and products that support Product Support Connection. To learn more about PSC and its benefits for customers, please read the AWS Blog post,  or read the AWS Marketplace Support Help page.

For vendors, PSC makes it easier to provide product support to your customers on AWS Marketplace. The data that customers elect to share through this program lets you keep customer contact information up to date in your support systems so that you can quickly access and verify your customers’ identities upon receiving a support request. To get started with PSC as a vendor, please log in to our AWS Marketplace Seller Portal to learn more.