AWS Storage Gateway price reductions

Posted on: Nov 29, 2016

Effective December 1, 2016, we’re updating pricing for AWS Storage Gateway, making it more cost-effective to adopt cloud storage for your on-premises applications. There will be 3 changes to pricing: storage prices for volume and virtual tapes will be reduced; the monthly gateway fee will be replaced with pricing based on the amount of data you write to AWS; and virtual tape retrieval will be simplified, moving from rate-based fees to per GB pricing. 

  1. Storage prices per GB will be reduced by up to 28% for volumes and virtual tapes, and up to 43% for archived virtual tapes. This follows the storage price reduction announced on November 21, 2016 for Amazon S3 and Glacier.
  2. The monthly gateway fee will be replaced by pricing based on the amount of data your gateway writes to AWS when it is actively being used. In all regions, you will pay $0.01 per GB up to a monthly maximum of no more than $125 per gateway. For new customers, the first 100 GB will be free to enable you to setup and try the service.
    If your gateway writes less than 12 TB of data per month to AWS, your monthly bill will be reduced. You can monitor the amount of data written by your gateway to AWS through existing Amazon CloudWatch metrics and you can configure bandwidth limits on your gateway to manage your costs.
  3. For retrieval of archived virtual tapes, the current peak rate retrieval fee will be replaced with simpler per GB pricing. In all regions, you will pay $0.01 per GB of data retrieved giving more predictability to charges for retrieving data stored on your virtual tapes. For example, if you retrieve one virtual tape per month containing 1 TB of data you will pay $10.24 with the new pricing, which is up to a 97% reduction over the current rate-based fees.  

Today's price drop continues the AWS tradition of reducing our costs, and passing the savings along to our customers. This new pricing will be effective in all regions starting December 1, 2016 and reflected on the AWS Storage Gateway pricing page at that time. During the month of December, your billing estimates may not reflect the reduced prices. The new, lower prices, will be reflected in your statement at the end of the month.