Posted On: Nov 29, 2016

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is making it easier to explore the APN Partner ecosystem by launching a new site called the AWS Partner Solutions Finder. Visit the AWS Partner Solutions Finder to discover APN Partners by Use Case, Industry, Product, or Location. Interested in learning more about a specific APN Partner? You can now search APN Partners of any tier within the APN. The Partner Solutions Finder gives you more visibility into APN Partners who are members of APN Programs including the AWS Competency, Service Delivery, and Managed Service Provider Programs. The new Partner Profile pages offer a new user experience that enables you to explore APN Partners either at a glance, or in detail. On the Partner Profile page, you can view the APN Partner’s skillset (validated by AWS), partner solutions and/or AWS-created case studies, and office locations. How can you engage with an APN Partner you identify through the Partner Solutions Finder? Simply click “connect” on the Partner Profile page, and the APN Partner will receive your inquiry.

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