Posted On: Mar 7, 2017

We are pleased to announce new Amazon Aurora capabilities for global database deployment. Replication across AWS regions now supports encrypted databases, so you can scale read operations to a location close to your users, build a disaster recovery architecture that spans the globe, and easily migrate data from one region to another, all the while maintaining full encryption at rest and in transit.

In addition, encrypted database snapshots can now be copied across AWS regions. This means distributed development and testing teams can implement global DevOps processes by securely sharing up-to-date copies of production databases. It also allows you to enhance your disaster recovery strategy by securely storing snapshots in remote regions.

Amazon Aurora is a fully-managed, highly-available, cost-effective relational database that powers some of the world’s biggest database deployments. It is fully compatible with MySQL so you can migrate without making any changes to your application code, and tools are available to help migrate your databases with zero downtime.

Read the documentation for more information on cross-region replication and cross-region snapshot copy.