Posted On: Apr 28, 2017

CloudFormation updated support for new resources:

  • AWS::Cognito::IdentityPool
    • Create an Amazon Cognito identity pool.
  • AWS::Cognito::IdentityPoolRoleAttachment
    • Manage the role configuration for an Amazon Cognito identity pool.
  • AWS::Cognito::UserPool
    • Create an Amazon Cognito user pool.
  • AWS::Cognito::UserPoolClient
    • Create an Amazon Cognito user pool client.
  • AWS::Cognito::UserPoolGroup
    • Create a user group in an Amazon Cognito user pool.
  • AWS::Cognito::UserPoolUser
    • Create an Amazon Cognito user pool user.
  • AWS::Cognito::UserPoolUserToGroupAttachment
    • Attach a user to an Amazon Cognito user pool group.

CloudFormation has also updated support for the following resources:

  • AWS::EC2::Volume
    • CloudFormation now supports Elastic Volumes for Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS). We now support No interruption updates on three properties: VolumeType, Size, and Iops.
  • AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
    • Specify the GroupName (the name of the security group) property for your Amazon EC2 security group.
  • AWS::ECS::Service
    • Specify placement strategies that determine how tasks for the service are placed with the PlacementStrategies property.
    • Specify the placement constraints for the tasks in the service to associate with an Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS) service using the PlacementConstraints property.
    • Specify the name of your service with the ServiceName property.
  • AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition
    • Define placement constraints for tasks in the service with the PlacementConstraints property.
  • AWS::ElasticLoadBalancingV2::LoadBalancer
    • Specify the type of IP addresses that are used by the load balancer's subnets with the IpAddressType property. 
  • AWS::EMR::Cluster
  • AWS::IAM::ManagedPolicy
    • Specify a custom name for your IAM managed policy with the ManagedPolicyName property.
  • AWS::Lambda::Function
    • Add tags to your Lambda function with Tags property.
    • CloudFormation has added support for Python3.6 and Node6.10 inline code.
  • AWS::OpsWorks::UserProfile
    • Specify a user's SSH name with the SshUsername property.
  • AWS::Redshift::Cluster
    • Specify a list of one or more IAM roles that the Amazon Redshift cluster can use to access other AWS services with the IamRole property.

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