Posted On: Apr 18, 2017

AWS Database Migration Service and AWS Schema Conversion Tool continue to simplify the migration of relational databases, NoSQL databases and data warehouses to the cloud. You can now convert your schemas, extract your data and migrate it from additional data warehouses to Amazon Redshift, a data warehouse designed for the cloud from the ground up.

AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) can now extract data from HPE Vertica, Greenplum and IBM Netezza data warehouses for direct import into Amazon Redshift. This is in addition to the recently announced extraction of Teradata and Oracle data warehouses. For all five sources, AWS SCT will analyze your data warehouse, automate the schema conversion, apply the schema to the Amazon Redshift target and extract your warehouse data, regardless of volume. Your data is then ready for native import into Amazon Redshift.

You can now also convert data warehouses in Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Redshift. This accelerates your database conversion projects by scanning and converting both your schemas and your application source code, so you can modernize your databases and associated applications at the same time.

AWS Schema Conversion Tool makes it easy to migrate from commercial databases and data warehouses to open source based solutions in the cloud. For more information, please visit the AWS SCT product page and review the documentation. The latest version can be downloaded for WindowsMacFedora, and Ubuntu.