Posted On: May 10, 2017

Amazon WorkMail now supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) protocol for sending email, which allows you to use an Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) capable email client to send email through WorkMail. Previously, you could use an IMAP email client to access your WorkMail email, but to send email, you still needed to configure an SMTP end point using a service like Amazon Simple Email Service. With this new feature, you can use your IMAP email client to access and send email through Amazon WorkMail directly. 

This feature is available today in all AWS regions where Amazon WorkMail is available (see Region Table for details). There is no additional cost to using the SMTP gateway for sending email, but the service is subject to service limits, which can be found at AWS Service Limits. To learn more about using the WorkMail SMTP gateway, see Connect your Client IMAP Application. Amazon WorkMail SMTP addresses can be found at AWS Regions and Endpoints.

You can try Amazon WorkMail for free for 30 days, for up to 25 users. To get started, visit Amazon WorkMail.