Posted On: Jul 12, 2017

We are excited to announce that Amazon CloudWatch Events now supports AWS CodePipeline as a target. Amazon CloudWatch Events enables you to respond quickly to application availability issues or configuration changes that might impact performance or security by notifying you of AWS resource changes in near-real-time. You simply write rules to indicate which events are of interest to your application and what automated action to take when a rule matches an event. You can, for example, invoke AWS Lambda functions or notify an Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) topic.

Now, you can use CodePipeline as a target to your rules to start specific pipeline executions. Once a rule matches an event, it triggers the pipeline execution which begins processing the latest commit to the source location specified as part of the pipeline. AWS CodePipeline is a continuous delivery service you can use to model, visualize, and automate the steps required to release your software. You can quickly model and configure the different stages of a software release process. AWS CodePipeline automates the steps required to release your software changes continuously.

Please visit the following pages for more information.

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