Posted On: Aug 24, 2017

You can now quickly create a shareable link for any file on Amazon WorkDocs by clicking “Share a link” from the drop-down menu in the web client. This allows you to use Amazon WorkDocs to share content by emailing a link to coworkers and external partners or embedding a link in a document or webpage.

You can make a link public to anyone or restrict access only to your Amazon WorkDocs site. You can also specify an expiration date, set a four-digit password for access, and disable a shared link at any time. You can view when a link is created in the Amazon WorkDocs Activity Feed. Site administrators control if public links can be created, can limit which users create links, and can disable all existing public links at any time.

“Share a Link” is available today in the Amazon WorkDocs web client in all AWS Regions where Amazon WorkDocs is available. To learn more about Amazon WorkDocs, or to start your trial, please visit Amazon WorkDocs.