Posted On: Aug 14, 2017

AWS Config now supports two new managed rules to detect overly permissive Amazon S3 bucket policies. Previously, you had to manually examine the policies tied to each of your S3 buckets to ensure proper access configurations are in place. Now, you can use Config rules to automatically check your S3 buckets for unrestricted public read or write access. With these new rules, you can check Access Control Lists (ACLs) and policies attached to your S3 buckets, flag non-compliant resources, and receive Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) notifications when your bucket permissions change.

To learn more, please visit the AWS Management Tools Blog, and to get started with AWS Config rules, please visit AWS Config documentation.

The new Config rules are available in all AWS regions where AWS Config rules are offered. Please visit here to see the full list of supported regions.

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