Posted On: Aug 3, 2017

Amazon Connect is now available in the EU (Frankfurt) AWS Region, adding to the two regions where it is already available, the US East (Northern Virginia), and Asia Pacific (Sydney) AWS Regions.

Amazon Connect is a simple to use, self-service, cloud-based contact center offering you can use to deliver more engaging customer service experiences. The self-service graphical interface makes it easy to design contact flows, manage agent utilization, and track performance metrics. Setting up a cloud-based contact center with Amazon Connect requires just a few clicks in the Amazon Connect console, allowing your agents to take calls within minutes.

With Amazon Connect, there are no upfront payments or long-term commitments. There is no infrastructure to manage; you pay by the minute for Amazon Connect usage, plus any associated telephony services. You can set up your first Amazon Connect contact center using the AWS Free Tier.

To see all AWS Regions where Amazon Connect is available, view the AWS Region table. Visit the Amazon Connect website to learn more about Amazon Connect.