Posted On: Sep 5, 2017

Amazon WorkSpaces users can now use Amazon WorkDocs Drive, a new way to access your files. With Amazon WorkDocs Drive, all of your Amazon WorkDocs files are streamed to your WorkSpace desktop on demand. You can easily access any file on Amazon WorkDocs through Windows File Explorer without needing to keep a local copy.  

Amazon WorkDocs Drive is a mounted drive that connects to your WorkSpace and adds additional options to your files. You no longer need to use the Amazon WorkDocs sync client to store files on your user volume, and you can copy a shareable link, lock, unlock, or open a file in the web client with a right click. Any changes you make are automatically saved on Amazon WorkDocs.

You can download Amazon WorkDocs Drive for your WorkSpace here. Amazon WorkDocs Drive is supported in all AWS regions where Amazon WorkDocs is available and is compatible with all Amazon WorkSpaces desktops. All Amazon WorkSpaces users are provided 50GB of storage on Amazon WorkDocs and can be upgraded to 1TB for a reduced subscription fee. Please visit Amazon WorkDocs to learn more.