Posted On: Nov 20, 2017

Amazon ElastiCache now supports R4 node types. R4 nodes are optimized for latency sensitive and memory intensive workloads. They come in six sizes, providing 12.3GiB to 407GiB of available in-memory capacity. By setting up a 15-shard cluster for Redis, you can scale up to 6.1TiB of in-memory capacity. For Memcached, you can set up a 20-node cluster to support up to 8.14 TiB in-memory workloads. Equipped with the Intel Broadwell processor, and improved networking, R4 node family offers superior performance over the popular R3 node family. 

R4 nodes are available in all worldwide regions. You can purchase R4 node types as On Demand or as Reserved Cache Nodes. For a full list of available node types, see Supported Node Types in the ElastiCache User Guide.  

To create new R4 nodes, please use the AWS Management Console.

For more information on pricing, visit the ElastiCache pricing page