Posted On: Nov 17, 2017

Starting today, Amazon Redshift improves query performance by automatically moving read and write queries to the next matching queue without restarting the moved queries. This enhancement to Workload Management enables more efficient use of resources to improve query performance. 

With this update, customers can now hop Create Table as style write queries to manage extract, transform, and load (ETL) batch processes. This new feature can route long-running read and write queries to a separate queue to increase performance of queries running in the original queue. In addition, timed-out queries can automatically hop to another queue and continue processing without requiring a query restart. Intermediate results are preserved, so there is minimal effect on total execution time for hopped queries.

To determine whether a query was reassigned, restarted, or canceled by Query Monitoring Rules (QMR), query the STL_WLM_RULE_ACTION system log table. To learn more, see WLM Queue Hopping in our documentation.

With the latest release, this feature is available in all AWS Public Regions