Posted On: Dec 18, 2017

AWS and NICE are pleased to announce the general availability of Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) 2017, our next-generation streaming and remote visualization solution for remote access of 2D/3D interactive applications over LAN or WAN networks. 

DCV 2017 introduces new and improved capabilities for on-premises deployments as outlined below. DCV is now also available for installation and usage on EC2 instances within a customer’s AWS account at no added cost. There is no upfront commitment or long-term contract for DCV usage on AWS, pay only for your AWS resource utilization per standard AWS rates for compute, storage, etc. 

What’s new in DCV 2017:

  • DCV 2017 uses the high-performance NICE DCV protocol for enabling remotization of the full desktop on both Windows and Linux.
  • DCV 2017 leverages the latest Nvidia GRID technologies, and uses hardware accelerated H.264 encoding on Kepler cards and above. DCV also supports H.264 hardware encoding on EC2 Accelerated Computing instance types with Nvidia GPUs like the G3 instance type.
  • DCV 2017 supports HTML5 clients in the form of modern web browsers (IE 11, Edge, Firefox and Chrome) on desktop operating systems.
  • On the server-side, DCV now supports modern Linux desktop environments like Gnome 3 on RHEL 7.
  • DCV 2017 incorporates security improvements like TLS-based security at the protocol level and support for authenticated proxies.
  • DCV 2017 can be installed and used on EC2 instances. DCV also supports Elastic GPU for low-cost GPU-enabled remote visualization.

All NICE customers with a valid support contract can download DCV 2017 from the NICE website and follow the install guide documentation to install the product. If you would like to evaluate DCV 2017 for on-premises usage, please contact us for a demo license. If you are an AWS customer and would like to run DCV on AWS, please see the “DCV on AWS” instructions below to get started with a CloudFormation template that will deploy your EC2 instances with DCV 2017 installed and pre-configured. For any questions, please contact NICE Support