Posted On: Feb 9, 2018

You can now set up Service Auto Scaling using target tracking policies for your containerized services directly from the Amazon ECS console. With target tracking, you select a load metric for your service, such as “Average CPU Utilization” or “Request Count Per Target”, set the target value, and Auto Scaling adjusts the number of running tasks for your service to maintain the target value.

Previously, you could only auto scale your Amazon ECS services using step scaling policies, which required you to create and manage CloudWatch alarms for the metrics you wanted to trigger scaling adjustments. 

Now, you can configure target tracking for a service directly from the Amazon ECS console, setting custom load metrics to scale your applications. 

You can get started using target tracking by going to Step 3 of the Create Service wizard in the AWS Console. 

To learn more, visit the Amazon ECS Documentation. You can get more information about Amazon ECS on the product page.

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