Posted On: Mar 29, 2018

Starting today, AWS WAF and Shield Advanced are also available in the US East (Ohio) Region, extending the footprint to 8 AWS Regions and all 114 Amazon CloudFront edge locations.

AWS Shield is a managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection service that safeguards web applications running on AWS. There are two tiers of AWS Shield - Standard and Advanced. AWS Shield Standard is available on all AWS Regions and Amazon CloudFront edge locations. It is also enabled by default for all AWS customers to protect against several common infrastructure layer attacks. Starting today, you can enable AWS Shield Advanced for your applications on Elastic Load Balancing, or EC2 instances in the US East (Ohio) Region for additional protection, visibility and 24X7 access to the AWS DDoS Response Team (DRT). To learn more, visit the AWS Shield details page.

AWS WAF is a web application firewall that helps protect your web applications from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources. Starting today, you can use AWS WAF to protect your Application Load Balancer in the US East (Ohio) region. You can also use Managed Rules for AWS WAF, which provide pre-configured rules written and managed by six AWS Marketplace vendors. AWS WAF provides you the flexibility of writing your own custom rules or choosing to have a managed solution for known bad attack vectors. To learn more, visit the AWS WAF details page.

With this, AWS WAF and AWS Shield Advanced are now available on Amazon CloudFront and the following 8 AWS Regions - US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), US West (N. California), Asia Pacific (Sydney), EU (Frankfurt) and US East (Ohio) Regions. AWS Shield Advanced is also available on Amazon Route 53.