Posted On: Apr 26, 2018

Your self-managed MySQL database, located on premises or in the cloud, can now be securely migrated to Amazon Aurora. You can migrate a large database by creating an encrypted database backup file in Amazon S3 and restoring it to Aurora, or replicate your data over an encrypted connection.

When you upload a MySQL backup file to S3, you can encrypt it with an S3-managed key or with an AWS Key Management Service (KMS) managed key. Aurora automatically decrypts backup files encrypted with an S3-managed key. The RDS management console provides an easy way to grant access to KMS-managed keys.

With this launch, Aurora enables you to replicate data from a MySQL database over an encrypted connection. You can complete your migration by securely replicating the changes made since the backup was taken, or use a secure connection for ongoing replication. Refer to the Aurora migration and replication documentation for details.

Aurora combines the performance and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. See the AWS Region Table for complete regional availability.