Posted On: Apr 4, 2018

Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) now allows you to encrypt data in transit between your file system and its clients. The Amazon EFS encryption of data in transit feature uses industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 to encrypt all data sent to and from connected clients. To further simplify using EFS, a new mount helper utility is available that can be used to establish encrypted client connections to either encrypted at rest or unencrypted file systems. With this launch, Amazon EFS now offers a comprehensive encryption solution, allowing customers to encrypt their data both at rest and in transit.

To get started, simply sign into the Amazon EFS Console and follow the instructions to download the EFS mount helper. To learn more, please see the Amazon EFS encryption in transit section in the Amazon EFS User Guide and to see examples of how encryption can be used to enhance your security click here.

Encryption of data in transit is available at no additional cost in all Amazon EFS regions. For more information, please visit the Amazon EFS product page, and see the AWS Region Table for complete regional availability information.