Posted On: Apr 24, 2018

You can now use AWS IoT Analytics to cleanse, process, enrich, store, and analyze IoT data at scale. AWS IoT Analytics is a fully-managed service that makes it easy to run sophisticated analytics on massive volumes of data from IoT devices and sensors, empowering customers to uncover insights that lead to more accurate decisions for their IoT and machine learning applications.

AWS IoT Analytics can accept data from any source, including any external sources using an BatchPutMessage API, and is fully integrated with AWS IoT Core. AWS IoT Analytics collects, pre-processes, enriches, stores, and analyzes IoT device data so you can easily identify things like the average distance traveled for a fleet of connected vehicles, or how many doors are locked after work hours in a smart building, or assess the performance of devices over time to predict maintenance issues and better react to changing environmental conditions. With AWS IoT Analytics, you don’t have to worry about all the cost and complexity typically required to build their own IoT analytics platform. Read more about AWS IoT Analytics on our blog.

AWS IoT Analytics is available in US West (Portland), US East (N Virginia), US East (Ohio) and Dublin, Ireland with more locations coming soon.