Posted On: Apr 26, 2018

AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) and the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) now allow you to convert and migrate IBM Db2 databases on Linux, UNIX and Windows (Db2 LUW) to any DMS supported target. This can accelerate your move to the cloud by allowing you to migrate more of your legacy databases.

The new Db2 LUW source adds to the existing list of relational database, NoSQL, and object store sources supported by DMS. If the database migration target is Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift or Amazon DynamoDB, you can use DMS free for six months.

SCT supports conversion of Db2 LUW objects to Amazon RDS for MySQL, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, and Aurora (with both MySQL and PostgreSQL compatibility). Read more about DMS and SCT support for Db2 on our blog.

AWS Database Migration Service helps you migrate databases to AWS quickly and securely, with minimal downtime. For more information, please visit the DMS product page, and see the AWS Region Table for complete regional availability. You can download the Schema Conversion Tool for Windows, Mac, Fedora, and Ubuntu.