Posted On: Apr 2, 2018

You can now develop your AWS Lambda functions using Node.js v8.10. In addition to the leveraging new features in Node.js v8.10 such as the new V8 6.0 engine, Lambda functions written in Node.js 8.10 can now use the async/await pattern to specify error or return values for the function execution. 

To get started deploying your Node.js code as a Lambda function, you simply upload your code as a ZIP through the AWS CLI or AWS Lambda console and select the Node.js 8.10 runtime. You can also use the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) to deploy and manage your serverless application authored in Node.js. Customers with existing Node.js functions can switch to the new runtime by making any required code changes to ensure compatibility with the new runtime and editing their function configuration to set the runtime to “nodejs8.10”. You can read more about the Node.js programming model in the AWS Lambda documentation.

The Node.js 8.10 runtime is available in all regions where Lambda is available. For more information on where AWS Lambda is available, see the AWS region table. Please visit our product page for more information about AWS Lambda or log in to the AWS Lambda console to get started.