Posted On: May 22, 2018

Alexa for Business introduces Alexa Smart Scheduling Assistant, which lets Alexa manage your users’ calendars. Users can now schedule 1:1 meetings and move meetings in their calendar using their voice. The Alexa Smart Scheduling Assistant automatically looks for free time on meeting attendees' calendars, which saves your users the time and effort of doing this manually. Your users can also move their meetings using Alexa so they can quickly update their calendar without having to break from the task they were doing.

The Alexa Smart Scheduling Assistant features are automatically enabled. To use these features, your users need to link their corporate calendar and, optionally, personal calendars to their Alexa account. Once they have linked their calendars, they can say “Alexa, schedule a meeting with John”, and the Alexa Smart Scheduling Assistant will offer suggestions when both meeting attendees are listed as available. It will also check their personal calendars to ensure the meeting is not booked at a time that is shown as busy. To move a meeting, users can say “Alexa, move my Finance Review meeting to 4pm tomorrow” and it will move that meeting, and send an updated meeting invite to all participants. If there is another scheduled event at the proposed time, it will alert them and provide an alternative suggestion.

Alexa for Business makes it easy to introduce Alexa to your organization, providing the tools needed to manage Alexa devices, users, and skills at scale. The scheduling and move meeting features are available in all AWS Regions where the service is available. For more information, see Alexa for Business.