AWS CodeBuild Adds Support for Windows Builds

Posted on: May 25, 2018

AWS CodeBuild now supports builds for the Microsoft Windows Server platform, including a prepackaged build environment for .NET Core 2.0 on Windows. Previously, CodeBuild supported .NET Core on Linux.

AWS CodeBuild provides prepackaged build environments for many supported frameworks to make it easier to get started. You can now select a prepackaged .NET Core for Windows build environment to have CodeBuild build your code. If your application uses the .NET Framework, you can include the Microsoft proprietary Framework Class Libraries in a custom Docker image. For more information on why you need to take this additional step to use the Microsoft proprietary libraries, see our FAQs.

For more information about getting started with AWS CodeBuild, please visit our documentation. To see a code sample for using .NET Core for Windows on CodeBuild, please go here.

Windows builds are available in US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland) and US East (Ohio). For a full list of AWS Regions where AWS CodeBuild is available, please visit our region table.