Amazon GuardDuty Optimizes AWS CloudTrail Analysis Reducing Cost for Customers

Posted on: Jun 15, 2018

Amazon GuardDuty has enhanced AWS CloudTrail log analysis thereby reducing the cost to customers. Cost reductions will vary by customer based on their volume of AWS CloudTrail logs. In particular, customers with high-volumes of global CloudTrail events will see the greatest net positive impact.

AWS CloudTrail captures a comprehensive log of changes that occurred in your AWS accounts. Amazon GuardDuty analyzes this data using machine learning and anomaly detection to identify unusual or unauthorized activity, like crypto-currency mining, unusual infrastructure deployments, or unauthorized access to your accounts. Amazon GuardDuty then alerts you to this potentially malicious activity affecting the security of your AWS resources.

This performance enhancement is available today in all AWS Regions where GuardDuty is offered. To start your 30-day free trial, see Amazon GuardDuty.