Posted On: Jul 24, 2018

Starting today, you can view and edit files stored in Amazon WorkDocs using the Files app in iOS 11. Much like macOS Finder, the Files app gives you an easy way to browse, open, edit, move, rename, upload, create folders, share, and download files stored in WorkDocs with your iOS device. Files can be on your iOS device, or on AWS stored in Amazon WorkDocs. With Amazon WorkDocs iOS files integration, you can add files stored in Amazon WorkDocs to the Files app and access them from a single location on all of your iOS devices. You can also edit files from the Files app directly in an associated application and changes will automatically be saved in Amazon WorkDocs. The new Files app file management experience makes it easy for customers to access their content in Amazon WorkDocs from any iOS device.

The Amazon WorkDocs iOS application should be installed on your device for iOS files integration to work. To get started, in the Files app in your iOS device Tap Locations and Edit. Slide to turn on WorkDocs. Tap Done. Tap WorkDocs and browse your files in the Files app. The Files app on iPhone and iPad makes it easy for you to access content from your device along with all your cloud-based file services, including WorkDocs in one place.

The feature is offered to customers at no additional cost for all Amazon WorkDocs users and is available in all AWS regions WorkDocs is in. To learn more about Amazon WorkDocs, or to start your 30-day trial, please visit Amazon WorkDocs.