Posted On: Jul 18, 2018

AWS Systems Manager, a unified experience to view operational data from multiple AWS services to automate operational tasks across your AWS resources, now allows streaming of Run Command output to Amazon CloudWatch logs, allowing you to track command execution in near real-time.

AWS Systems Manager Run Command is designed to let you remotely and securely manage instances at scale with safety controls. Run Command provides a simple way of automating common administrative tasks like running shell scripts, installing software or patches, and more.

With this feature, you can send the output and error logs to Amazon CloudWatch logs as the command is being executed. This allows you to track your command executions, monitor your output logs in near real-time, search for specific phrases, values, or patterns, and create alarms based on the command output. AWS Systems Manager is available in all commercial regions and GovCloud (US).

To learn more about AWS Systems Manager Run Command visit here or visit the AWS Systems Manger Product Page.