Copying Amazon RDS Encrypted Snapshots across Regions now Completes Faster with Less Storage

Posted on: Jul 24, 2018

Starting today, copies of Amazon RDS database snapshots between AWS Regions for encrypted databases are incremental, allowing copies to complete faster and use less storage. Cross-region database snapshots can be used to create a robust disaster recovery for your RDS database instances. Previously, RDS snapshots of encrypted databases resulted in a full copy and required more snapshot storage. Incremental snapshots only capture the changes after your most recent backup was created. Now, you can copy incremental encrypted snapshots across Regions just like with unencrypted snapshots.

To copy your encrypted snapshot to a different AWS Region, simply select the destination region during the Copy Snapshot operation on the AWS Management Console or via the AWS Command Line Interface. You do not need to do anything differently to gain the benefits of incremental copies.

Data transfer and backup storage pricing is available on the RDS Pricing page.

For more details on copying a database snapshot across regions, please refer to the documentation on copying a DB snapshot in RDS