Posted On: Aug 9, 2018

AWS Systems Manager Automation now supports tags and target maps to run an automation, making it easy for customers to roll out large-scale resource changes safely.

Previously, customers were able to use resource groups or manually picking target resources to run automations. With the new feature, customers can target Automations using tags for use cases such as attaching IAM policies, taking snapshots, and scheduling start and stop for EC2 instances. Additionally, target maps allows custom input parameters for different target resources. For example, customers can run different tests on AMIs against multiple instance types.

Systems Manager Automation allows you to safely automate common and repetitive IT operations and management tasks on AWS resources at scale. Customers can incrementally roll out changes on resources, automatically halt, or perform corrective/clean up actions when errors occur. AWS Systems Manager is available in all commercial regions and GovCloud (US).

To learn more about the new AWS Systems Manager Automation feature visit here or visit the AWS Systems Manager Product Page.