Posted On: Sep 12, 2018

Amazon Connect now provides a new contact API that lets you update or add attributes to a contact. Contact attributes are key-value pairs of data about a contact, such as the name of the caller, why they called, or the quality of service they received. Until now, these attributes could only be set within a contact flow which ran before the call was connected to an agent. With this API, you can add or update attributes programmatically from your business apps like CRM, either during or after the customer interaction occurs. For example an agent might add an attribute to indicate the caller should be called back, or a manager might update an attribute after the call ends to grade the quality of service. You can even update the contact attributes months later to flag contacts for training or legal reviews. To learn more, see the API documentation.

The contact API is available in all AWS regions where Amazon Connect is offered. There is no additional charge aside from standard pricing for service usage and associated telephony rates. To learn more about Amazon Connect, a self-service, cloud contact center, please visit the Amazon Connect website.