Posted On: Sep 26, 2018

You can now enable deletion protection for your Amazon RDS database instances and Amazon Aurora database clusters. When a database instance or cluster is configured with deletion protection, the database cannot be deleted by any user. Deletion protection is available for Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS for MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server database instances in all AWS Regions.

Deletion protection is now enabled by default when you select the "production" option for database instances created through the AWS Console. You can also turn on or off deletion protection for an existing database instance or cluster with a few clicks in the AWS Console or the AWS Command Line Interface. Deletion protection is enforced in the AWS Console, the CLI, and API.

When you request the deletion of a database instance with deletion protection in the AWS Console, you are blocked and may not continue without first modifying the instance and disabling deletion protection.

Amazon Aurora database clusters can also be enabled for deletion protection. You will get an error when you attempt to delete the final database instance attached to a protected database cluster in the AWS Console. You may not continue unless you modify the DB Cluster and disable deletion protection.

Read more in the Deleting a Database Instance section of the Amazon RDS User Guide or Amazon Aurora User Guide.