Posted On: Oct 15, 2018

Amazon WorkMail now provides real-time diagnostic checks for configuring custom domains, making using your own domain with Amazon WorkMail even easier. Customers can already use their own domain for their WorkMail organization. To do so, you need to configure your DNS records with your DNS hosting provider, which can be difficult to do and is sometimes error prone. Now, Amazon WorkMail lets you verify your DNS settings directly from the Amazon WorkMail console. If the DNS settings are incorrect, Amazon WorkMail will prompt you with the information you need to correct the errors.

In addition, we are also providing deeper, automated checks for Autodiscover configuration, so administrators can verify that their endpoint is working correctly before asking their users to configure their email clients. This immediate feedback can save customers hours of debugging email domain issues due to typos, missing records, and differences between DNS hosting providers.

These troubleshooting features are available today for Amazon WorkMail domains hosted by any provider and available in all AWS Regions where Amazon WorkMail is offered. To learn more about Amazon WorkMail, or to start your trial, please visit Amazon WorkMail.