Posted On: Oct 23, 2018

Amazon WorkDocs now provides you with the ability to control the IP addresses from which your WorkDocs site can be accessed. Using IP address-based allow lists, you can define and manage groups of trusted IP addresses, and only permit users to access your WorkDocs site when they're connected to a trusted network, like corporate networks or an Amazon WorkSpaces environment.

IP address-based allow lists can be added in the WorkDocs Admin Console. You can set the IP address ranges from which you wish to provide access. When a user tries to connect to your WorkDocs site from their browser, WorkDocs drive, mobile device, sync, or companion app, the IP address from which the request originated is evaluated against your allow list. If it is not on the allow list, access will be denied. If you do not filter user access by IP address with an allow list, access will be open to all IP addresses.

This feature is available today in all AWS Regions where WorkDocs is available. To learn more about IP address-based allow lists in WorkDocs, visit our documentation site. To start using IP address-based allow lists, log in to the WorkDocs Admin Console.