Posted On: Nov 2, 2018

You can now add outbound mail flow rules for your Amazon WorkMail organization. Outbound mail flow rules allow you to perform simple control actions like blocking sending of a message or routing messages to a custom appliance via the SMTP protocol. This adds extensibility to the WorkMail product by allowing you to control sending or delegate handling of outbound e-mail to 3rd party or custom appliances. For example, you can now route to appliances for data leak protection, email encryption, IP reputation management, and archiving. Furthermore, you can specify conditions for each outbound mail flow rule based on the domain and email addresses of the message sender and recipients. The rule will then only run when the sender and recipients match the rule's condition. This way you can route traffic differently depending on who is sending and who they are sending to. This control is especially useful if you are routing to appliances with a per-user cost model, so you can route to only the users who need it. Finally, this feature complements Amazon WorkMail’s interoperability with Microsoft Exchange by enabling customers who are transitioning from Exchange to WorkMail to route outbound email through their existing on-premises Exchange setup.

Like inbound mail flow rules, setting up outbound mail flow rules is easy with just a few quick steps in the Amazon WorkMail console. To get started, go to your Amazon WorkMail organization and click on Organization Settings. You can specify rules with the drop, bounce, or the SMTP routing actions, together with which sender and recipient email addresses or domains the rule should apply to.

Outbound mail flow rules are available today for Amazon WorkMail in all AWS Regions where Amazon WorkMail is offered. To learn more about Amazon WorkMail, or to start your trial, please visit Amazon WorkMail.