Posted On: Nov 19, 2018

You can now give your Amazon WorkSpaces users more control over their experience and reduce your helpdesk load with new end user self-service management capabilities. With this release, you can let your Workspaces users reboot, rebuild, change the bundle type, increase the volume size, and change the running mode of their Workspace directly in the Workspaces client without help from IT or help desk teams. This helps users quickly and easily manage their own Workspace to optimize their experience, and reduces the number of help desk requests for IT to handle.

You can easily enable self-service management for your WorkSpaces users from the Directory tab in the WorkSpaces console. Under the End User Functions section, simply select which functions you want to enable for self-service: reboot, rebuild, change bundle type, increase volume size, or change running mode.

Self-service management for WorkSpaces is available in all AWS Regions where WorkSpaces is available. To learn more, visit the WorkSpaces page.