Posted On: Nov 12, 2018

AWS CodePipeline now makes it easier to perform actions such as deployments, builds, or tests in multiple regions from a single pipeline. Previously, you needed to set-up a pipeline in a region in order for CodePipeline to perform actions in that region. Now, you can add cross-region actions such as additional region deployments to help improve your application's latency and availability.

You can set-up cross-region actions with AWS CodePipeline easily using the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) or AWS CloudFormation. For example, to setup cross-region deployments, add an action in your deployment stage and specify the region to which you want to deploy. Please visit our documentation to learn more about getting started with cross-region deployments.

To learn more about AWS CodePipeline please visit the CodePipeline homepage. Cross-region actions are available everywhere CodePipeline is available.