Posted On: Nov 14, 2018

You can now add personalized ads to multi-period DASH live streams using AWS Elemental MediaTailor. Support for multi-period DASH can be combined with multi-period DASH endpoint support in AWS Elemental MediaPackage to enable personalized dynamic ad insertion for a broader range of playback devices. To learn more, please visit the MediaTailor documentation pages.

AWS Elemental MediaTailor is a content personalization and monetization service that lets you serve video with targeted ads to viewers while maintaining broadcast quality-of-service in multiscreen video applications.

Using AWS Elemental MediaTailor, advertising is inserted into a video stream before delivery, on the server side. A continuous video stream arrives at the consumer device, eliminating the possibility of discrimination between content and commercials. Video ads can be monetized more effectively at video quality that consistently matches primary content, and are simpler to manage across multiplatform environments. MediaTailor offers on-the-fly transcoding of video ad content to provide a superior viewing experience, while standards-based client- and server-side ad reporting makes it easy to accurately measure ad impressions and viewer behavior. You are given full control over the player, origin, and CDN, without being limited to specific vendors or solutions.

AWS Elemental MediaTailor is available in the US East (Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and EU (Ireland) regions.

The service functions independently or as part of AWS Elemental Media Services, a family of services that form the foundation of cloud-based video workflows and offer you the capabilities you need to create, package, monetize, and deliver video.