Posted On: Dec 5, 2018

AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) has expanded its functionality from replication engine version 3.1.2 to improve migration performance and enhance user experience. The new improvements are given below:

Improved Migration Speed During Full Load: When migrating large tables, DMS now has the ability to load table partitions or sub-partitions in parallel and improve migration speeds. If a table does not contain partitions or sub-partitions, you can specify row ranges to migrate each segmented range in parallel. 

Improved LOB Migrations: You can now control large object (LOB) settings at the table level. It was previously supported for all tables in a task at the task level. We also introduced a new LOB mode which combines the advantages of limited and full LOB modes from the previous versions. For example, when a LOB migration encounters truncation in limited LOB mode, DMS will automatically switch to full LOB mode, complete migrating that particular big LOB and switch back to limited LOB mode, and continue migrating. 

Control Table Load Order: You can now control the order of tables loaded during the full load phase. For example, if your selected tables list contains tables of different sizes, you can set up the load order in a way that the smaller tables are loaded before the larger tables.

For more information about new enhancements in DMS, please read our blog. For AWS DMS availability, refer to the AWS region table