Posted On: Jan 7, 2019

Amazon EC2 now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2019 with several new License Included (LI) AMIs, providing customers with an easy and flexible way to get up and running with the latest version of Windows Server. By running Windows Server 2019 on Amazon EC2, you can take advantage of the reliability, performance, and elasticity of AWS with the new capabilities of Windows Server.

Windows Server 2019 comes loaded with a variety of new features including smaller and more efficient Windows containers, support for Linux containers for application modernization and App Compatibility Feature on Demand. Click here for more on Windows Server 2019.

Windows Server 2019 AMIs are available in all public AWS regions and GovCloud. Customers can launch instances directly from the Amazon EC2 console and all instances running Windows Server 2019 AMIs are billed under the standard Windows pricing. For details about Windows Server 2019 on Amazon EC2, check out the FAQ and User Guide for Windows Instances.