Posted On: Jan 22, 2019

The AWS Storage Gateway’s Tape Gateway configuration now provides increased throughput performance for virtual tape backups to AWS. Your on-premises backup applications can now write data to the local gateway cache at up to 2.7 Gbps, and read data from the cloud at up to 0.7 Gbps, by following published best practices.

The Tape Gateway helps you migrate your tape-based backup and archiving workflows to the AWS cloud easily, by connecting your existing backup application to a local Tape Gateway (deployed as a virtual or hardware appliance), which presents itself as a tape library. The Tape Gateway compresses, encrypts, and moves your backup data to AWS, storing it in durable Amazon S3 storage. The cache on the gateway ensures recent backups remain local, reducing restore times. You can also easily move your virtual tapes to an archive on Amazon Glacier for long-term retention on durable, low-cost storage, with predictable and cost-effective retrieval in three-to-five hours.

Tape Gateway is available in all AWS regions where Storage Gateway is available, except South America (São Paulo). For more information, visit the Testing Your Gateway Setup documentation, or see step-by-step instructions to get started in the AWS Storage Gateway User Guide.