Posted On: Jan 16, 2019

You can now use AWS Backup, an automated and centralized backup service, to protect volumes stored with the AWS Storage Gateway service’s block storage option, the Volume Gateway. With AWS Backup, you can configure backups for Volume Gateway volumes, automate backup scheduling, set retention policies, and monitor backup and restore activity.

AWS Backup removes the need for custom solutions or manual processes by providing a fully managed, policy-based backup solution to protect gateway volumes, simplifying administration, and helping you meet your business and regulatory compliance requirements. Volume backups managed through AWS Backup are stored as Amazon EBS Snapshots and can be easily restored to any Volume Gateway, or to an Amazon EBS volume for use with Amazon EC2.

To get started, you can assign your Volume Gateway volumes to a new or existing AWS Backup plan from the AWS management console or use the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) tool. Alternatively, download the latest AWS SDK and call the AWS Backup APIs for backup lifecycle management. This feature is available in all AWS regions where both Storage Gateway and AWS Backup are available, which currently includes US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland). For more information, please visit the Storage Gateway documentation.