Posted On: Feb 14, 2019

You can now use AWS CloudFormation templates to quickly deploy solutions that use Amazon FSx for Lustre file systems.

FSx for Lustre provides high-performance file systems that are optimized for machine learning, analytics, high performance computing, and media processing workloads. These workloads commonly require data to be presented via a fast and scalable POSIX-compliant file system interface, and commonly have input data sets that are stored on durable, long-term data stores like Amazon S3. With AWS CloudFormation you can use deployment templates to quickly and easily spin up an FSx for Lustre file system linked to your Amazon S3 bucket, provision EC2 compute resources to process data on your file system, and spin down the entire stack when your workload is complete.

AWS CloudFormation support for Fsx for Lustre is available now, in all regions where FSx for Lustre is available. See here for more information on how to manage your FSx for Lustre file systems with AWS CloudFormation.