Posted On: Feb 4, 2019

You can now use a local version of AWS Step Functions to develop and test your workflows.

AWS Step Functions Local is a downloadable version of Step Functions that lets you develop and test applications using a version of Step Functions running in your own development environment. Using the service locally rather than over the Internet can be faster in some situations, save on Step Functions state transitions, and allow you to easily enforce sandbox restrictions.

AWS Step Functions Local is available as a JAR package and as a Docker image. The AWS Step Functions Local Docker image lets you get started with Step Functions Local quickly by using a Docker container with all of the Step Functions Local dependencies and configuration built in, so you can build and prototype applications quickly. The Docker image also lets you include AWS Step Functions Local in your containerized builds and as part of your continuous integration testing. When you're ready to deploy your state machine in production, you can make a few minor changes to the code so that it uses the Step Functions web service.

There are no state transition or data transfer costs with AWS Step Functions Local. AWS Step Functions Local is available to download as a JAR package or a self-contained Docker image that runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and other platforms that support Java or Docker.

To learn more, refer to our documentation or the AWS Step Functions Local public repository on Docker Hub. For a complete list of regions where AWS Step Functions is offered, see the AWS Region Table.