Posted On: Feb 1, 2019

Today, Amazon WorkMail announced that you can use AWS Lambda function to take actions on inbound email. This lets you process emails as they are received, and perform actions such as perform analytics, create audit trails, or even gain insights into communication patterns, such as sentiment, within your organization. Lambda functions give you the flexibility needed to configure WorkMail for your environment.

To get started, first create a Lambda function using the AWS Lambda console. Then, go to the Amazon WorkMail console to select the Lambda action in your organization's inbound mail flow rules settings. In the console, you can select whether the rule applies to all users, or you can select specific users for the rule. Once you've configured the trigger rule, WorkMail will pass the recipients and subject text to your Lambda function when an email is received, and will then execute your function to perform the required actions.

AWS Lambda for WorkMail is available today in all AWS Regions where Amazon WorkMail is offered. See Configuring AWS Lambda on WorkMail to try it now. To learn more about Amazon WorkMail, or to start your trial, please visit Amazon WorkMail.