Posted On: Mar 20, 2019

You can now use AWS Config to record configuration changes to Amazon API Gateway. Maintaining a configuration change history for API Gateway resources is useful for operational troubleshooting, audit, and compliance use cases.

With this launch, you can track changes to the configuration of an API Gateway stage, such as cache cluster settings, throttle settings, access log settings, and the active deployment set on the stage. You can also track changes to the configuration of the API, such as endpoint configuration, version, protocol, and tags. By tracking changes to these resource configuration properties, you can also author change-triggered AWS Config rules for your API Gateway resources, and test your resource configurations against best practices.

Get started by enabling AWS Config in your account by using the AWS Config console or the AWS CLI. Select the resource types for which you want to track changes. If you previously configured AWS Config to record all resource types, then these API Gateway resources will be automatically recorded in your account. Support for Amazon API Gateway in AWS Config is available in all AWS public Regions and AWS GovCloud (US). For the full list of supported Regions, see AWS Regions and Endpoints in the AWS General Reference.

To learn more about AWS Config, visit the AWS Config webpage.