Posted On: Mar 27, 2019

AWS Fargate and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) now support external deployment controllers for ECS services with the launch of task set management APIs. Task sets are a new primitive to allow controlled management of application revision within a single ECS service. You now have new APIs to manage multiple revisions of your application and transitioning from one revision to another.

You typically deploy new versions of your services in a staged deployment sequence to ensure everything is functioning smoothly before fully transitioning your current production workload from one version to another. Previously in order to fully manage a new revision of your application on ECS, you were required to launch a new ECS service and shift traffic from one service to another.

Now, you may leverage task sets to configure multiple revisions of your application all scoped within a single service. When you want to deploy a new version of your application you may create a new task set within an existing service that has its own task definition. Individual task sets also provide a scale parameter which will ensure that it is running a specific percentage of the overall desired tasks of your service.

To get started with task sets to manage deployments on Amazon ECS or AWS Fargate, read the documentation.