Posted On: Mar 21, 2019

AWS Storage Gateway added support for Amazon S3 Object Lock to File Gateway, enabling write-once-read-many (WORM) file-based systems to store and access objects in Amazon S3, using Object Lock’s Compliance or Governance modes.

File Gateway enables on-premises applications to access objects in Amazon S3 as files, through a local gateway deployed as a virtual or a hardware appliance. When you create a new file share or update an existing one, you can configure it to use a bucket enabled for Amazon S3 Object Lock. Any modifications such as file edits, deletes or renames from the gateway’s NFS or SMB clients are stored as new versions of the object, without overwriting or deleting previous versions. This leaves the original, locked version of the object unchanged, enabling you to enforce policies as an added layer of data protection or for regulatory compliance.

This new feature is available in all regions where AWS Storage Gateway is available. To learn more about using File Gateway with Amazon S3 Object Lock, please visit the AWS Storage Gateway documentation or the whitepaper on File Gateway for Hybrid Architectures.