You can now use custom chat bots with Amazon Chime

Posted on: May 14, 2019

Amazon Chime now lets you use custom chat bots in your chat rooms. Utilize the power of Amazon Lex, AWS Lambda, and other AWS services to build custom conversational interfaces that streamline collaborative workflows, enabling users to complete common tasks involving multiple tools without switching context. The bots you create may enable users to query for information from your internal knowledge stores, automate tasks, receive notifications for critical issues, create support tickets, or perform any number of tasks you make available.

Adding bots to your enterprise Chime account is as simple as providing a bot name and an HTTPS endpoint or by integrating directly with AWS Lambda. Once added to your Chime account, room administrators can add your bot using the bot's assigned email address, and room members interact with the bot through @ mentions.

For a list of regions where Amazon Chime is available, see the AWS Region Table. To get started on your first chat bot integration, read our guide. To learn more about Amazon Chime, visit the Amazon Chime website.